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Kym Mac Laren

PHL 606 April 9, 2014 Russon  Criticism of loved one according to internal norms of their world  Inherent tensions/conflicts/betrays  Deeper betrayals  Movie in relation to course  If there are interested in school they don’t really part take in it> late to class> handing in late assignments> lack of commitment  Musician > doesn’t practice > therefore tension due to criticizing them for that > creating conflict and tension that has care at its root for the concern for that persons growth (flourisment)  Caring for other based on being there for the other > not imposing your own terms on them, rather supporting their causes> answerability to the others flourisment  De Beauvoir = if there’s no self development > you don’t care for yourself  Betrayal- your involved in many bonds with others> a mother, a teacher, a catholic, a wife – part of how you are > if your going to answer to this Ie sick child and you’re a teacher these two things are in conflict, you can’t answer to both at the same time > the students or child will be let down > therefore there will be tensions involved which include you navigating > betray one or the other > there are no absolute answers> up to you to make the decisions to sustain both bonds  Deeper Betrayal = they don’t have
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