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FIN 502
Sui Sui

Business Process Description: Explain how the business process that you are examining contributes to organizational goals. On the organization chart, show how the department(s) in which this business process is used relate(s) to the larger organization. Concentrating on the information system portion of the business process, describe the information system’s major functions, typical business events, reports produced, and frequency of event data store and master data store updates. Indicate how many of each type of business events this system records, their dollar volume, and the budget of this system’s department relative to the rest of the organization. Discuss whether this particular business process plays a minor supporting role in this organization or is central to achieving strategic advantage. Describe the computer and network hardware and software used and interfaces with other systems (from which it receives data or sends data), and show how the components of the system are arranged. Note whether the software was developed in-house or purchased, and describe the contractual relationship with the software vendor. Reach a conclusion as to whether the client uses appropriate technology (given the tasks that need to be performed). Prepare: -one-page Narrative describing the operation of the system; its data flows, processes, forms, files and reports. Italicize each entity and make each activity bold. -Table of Entities and Activities (formatted similarly to Table 4.1 in the Accounting Information Systems). - Context Diagram and Data Flow Diagr
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