GEO 106 Lecture 1: Lecture 1

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29 Nov 2020
Lecture 1 - What is meant by the
geography of everyday life?
Everyday life: Underlying Philosophy
The notion of “everyday life” is borne out of the philosophical concept of the
“Lifeworld” is a concept in phenomenology put forth by Martin Heideggar,
defined as: the experiences and physical surroundings which an individual
encounters and which hence determine the way in which that individual
perceives the world
Experiences may change but accumulate over time
Human beings exist in the world with an inseparable connection with it and each
Heideggar was concerned with a person’s “being-in-the-world”
There is not just one objective world out there that may be known, but instead
there are multiple subjective realities
World is different for each one of us based on our subjective
What is meant by Everyday?
An adjective that means commonplace, ordinary, or normal
It is comprised of routine and mundane daily activities
Ex. daily morning routine
Often repeatedly occur in the same space and time (geography!)
Space → interrelation between things
Time → change over time
The “everyday” represents an on-going process
Ex. commute takes place at same place and time
Regularity and predictability are necessary in our lives
From process to pattern to process
A fundamental linkage in geography
Repetitive processes (actions) create, recreate, and/or reinforce patterns on the
landscape, and patterns of behaviour
Ex. commuting
We see this in both the physical and human world
The patterns we see on the landscapes, and the processes lying behind them,
are the geography of everyday life
What sort of everyday processes and patterns do you see on the Toronto
At what scale does everyday life operate?
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