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Lecture 1

GEO 605 Lecture 1: What is the North

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GEO 605
David Atkinson

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Southern Ontarians define "north" as "going up north," "cottage."
The north is sea ice/polar bears….
Polar bear found in Toronto, walked, too thin and put down (Hudson's Bay connects bears)
Pre-constructed houses shipped on boats - not designed for -40ºC weather.
Inuit people abandoned there.
Gravel, no vegetation on Resolute.
What is the North?
Biophysical Variables of the North
The ground freezes because there's so little solar energy. The ground does not thaw (the
surface thaws).
Marked by the tree line where trees just don't grow because it's too cold for growth.
Continuous permafrost - 90% of ground is frozen throughout the year.
Discontinuous permafrost
Sporadic discontinuous - most of north
Lecture 1 - What is the North?
Sunday, January 15, 2017
1:11 PM
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