GEO 702 Lecture 2: Lecture 2, Redemptive technologies, Franklin

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9 May 2019

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CGEO 702 FB0, May 09, 2019
Lecture 2 Second half of class (afternoon)
More concern on the environment on the x axis
More concern on social equity on y axis
Status quo weak form of sustainability, technology can replace atmosphere, water sources, etc.
Reformer less emphasis on economy, emphasis on sustainability, this is where GPI is, they are not
trying to go to transformation
o "The challenge for [the reformers] is how and why governments and big business will self-
reform to challenge the powerful vested interests that act in ways contrary to sustainable
development." (p48)
Transformation preserving environment, focus on social equity
o "Transformationists' view of the connection between environmental degradation and
human exploitation encourages the building of alliances between environmental and social
justice movements...The issues that transformationists are facing, of how to combine these
two, will increasingly become main stage as society faces the challenges of the future."
Tool: Use of Redemptive technologists (Ursula Franklin Readings)
3 rules to consider:
1. Technology is not neutral (ex. Guns are neutral, it is made for a purpose)
2. Technology is not preordained - means that we don’t have to accept technology, does not mean
we are powerless
3. Technology can be holistic or prescriptive:
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