GEO 793 Lecture Notes - Toronto Transit Commission, Northern Ontario

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Transportation Dilemmas
- The Toronto region sees two different but interrelated movements:
- The region is strategically situated at the crossroads of rail & roads networks that
connect it to:
Northern Ontario
Atlantic Canada
Western Canada
The US & Mexico
- The Toronto region dominates the rest of Canada from the perspective of transport,
while at the same time there are serious inadequacies in its transport infrastructure
- While the buses of the public sector Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) operate long
past their normal life expectancy on potholed public streets
- There are serious transportation problems in the Toronto region, it is also a region
that is, in some respects, very well served by transportation: the underfunded TTC
manages to carry 1.3 million passengers every work day; when the region’s 5 million
residents go to the supermarket, they find it well stocked with food; it has the largest
and busiest airport in the country, a network of superhighways, large intermodal rail
yards, state of the art warehouse and distribution centers, a port, an extensive public
transit network in its center, and a well organized transport sector
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