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Lecture 8

GEO 802 Lecture 8: 8

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GEO 802
Dr. Abednego Aryee

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Ecological and social benefits of protected areas
Conflicts in Protected Area System Planning
Conflicts and Management Planning
Park Acts and Policies
“National parks: forever wild”
Origins of Parks and Reserves
Yellowstone National Park (1872) first ‘national’ park
Defined as an area of land and or sea
Biological diversity, cultural resources and embarked by law
The world commission of protected areas
Area that is recognized, dedicated and managed through legal or other
Area that is maintained by recreation and ecosystem
PARC enclosed area for protection for wildlife in order to be
Animal sanctuary, conservatory, etc
Ex) Montana
Banff National Park (1885) first in Canada
First PM in Canada
Vacational spot; spectacular features (rocky mountains, lake Louis,
various golf courses, rivers, canoe, scuba diving, various activities)
Established by Canada government
New York Central Park (1844) healthy open space, contact with nature for urban
(Fredrick Olmsted), designed NYC central park
Inside the central park lakes, walking path, place to skating, picnics,
camping etc.
Lots of criminals, take money
Sexually attacked root out
Now it is relatively safer
Offers some peaceful or tranquil environment for individuals who are stressed
by hustle of city life
Yosemite Park (1864)
o first area protecting
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o “wild nature” from exploitation lakes, walking path, skating
rinks, picnic
o Black bear break into automobiles and steal food; attracted by the
scent of food
Major Ecological and Social Uses of Protected Areas
Ecological uses
Maintaining the diversity
o Dangers of oblation of threaten of plant and animal life
o Helps to maintain diversity especially population of in danger or
threaten prevent extinction
Providing individuals to repopulate areas
o Disruption of volcanic eruption
o Forest fires
o Can repopulate areas that had been disturbed by transporting
population from national pack
o Help to maintain environmental processes
o Recycling, predator-prey relationship, etc
o Nitrogen ammonia
o Carbon sitration (building tissues of land by photosynthesis)
Offset episodic climatic oscillations
Social uses
Providing nature-based recreational activities
o Thousands of recreational activities in the national park
o Depends on taste of individual tourists
Mountain climbing, camping, rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking,
canoeing, spot fishing
Protect improachment of development on wilderness of
Helps to meet certain spiritual needs (indigenous people)
o Many of national parks provide and also maintain senate beauty
Asthetic values of the nature
Helps to meet certain spiritual needs (indigenous people)
Spiritually people renew
Providing outdoor school rooms
Advantage of national park
o Provide showroom exhibits where we can study nature, its original
state (we are able to understand the functions of natural system, innate
complex form)
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