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GEO 106
Abednego Aryee

Safety of place  Perception  CPTED  Safety Aduits Natural Surveillance To keep intruders under overservation  Strategically placed 1. Windows 2. Lobbies 3. Benches 4. Lighting Natural access control  Use of distance materials (hedge, fence, gate, walkway), and topological featuers  To direct acitivty or mark route  Do create a buffer between potential confliction activity Territorial reinforcement  To promote a sense of ownership  Good maintencne  Materials to mark terrioty ( eg, hedges, fence, gate  Change in material to indicate change from pubic to semi-private Urbanization Process  Urban growth occurs when rate of growth between urban and rural populations are about the same  Urbanization occurs when urban growth rates ourstrips rural growth . ( rural urban)  In urban sprawl ( spread of low density development of surrounding area) Economic transofmraionts  Cities are point of intense economic activities that leads to innovation, invention and creation of products  It involves primary, secondary ( retial) , tertiary ( service sector) and quaternary industries  Capital replaces labour in agriculture and resource etraction Processes of Economic Development Advantages of Economic activities (clusteral functional realted XX  a - Agglomeration effects  b - forward linkages  c – backward linkages  e- a
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