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GEO 106
Abednego Aryee

Chapter 9 Urban design So far, looked at several concepts dealing with human behavior towards the built ( or urban) environments. These concepts are also used by urban designers to explore how design impacts humans and how humans impact the design of spaces. All of this follows from the notion that we can design urban spaces- neighborhoods or even compete cities – to achieve certain societal goals. Early cities The earliest cities occurred first in Mesopotamia, part of the Fertile Crescent and the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is now Iraq, and were associated with the Sumerian culture. But there is considerable debate about whether the earliest of these “cities” were little more than large villages. Dating what is a city before 5000 years ago is fraught with problems. Early cities- Sumer Credit for being the first cities usually goes to the Sumerian locations of Uruk, Ur ,and Eridu, all of which were at one point located on the banks of the Euphrates River. All of these cities were first and fore m=most religious centres. Nippur was a large and important religious city by about 5000 years ago and shows one of the first city plans… No sense of place Ancient cities, even though they have enormous historical signeificance, ossasionally become victims of circumstance. WW2 saw the destruction of many ancient and medieval sites in Europe and the Middle east. The 2003 incasion of Iraq saw equally destructive behavior by coalition forces. At the siete of acncient Babylon areas were leveled to make helipads. As well as Urban design movements. Urban design other than haphazardly by the circumstance of history, has taken place mostly in response to dissters the perceived pathogenies of the city. Often city design followed grand design with monumental architecture and street layouts that did little to alleviate the problems facing the urban poor. Architects such as Sir Christopher
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