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Chapter 7 notes notes on chapter 7, middle east/north africa

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GEO 206
Brian Ceh

Chapter 7Middle East North Africa We define it asNorth AfricaSouthwest AsiaNASWALies at the heart of the inhabited world contains the geographic center of the Land HemisphereRealm is sometimes characterized in a few rods that purport to summarize one or more of its dominant features None of these is satisfactory but all hold a kernel of the truth Four of them are 1 A Dry WorldMost of the realms nearly 600 million people live where there is surface waterin the Nile Valley and Delta along northwestern Africas hilly Mediterranean coast along the eastern and northeastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the basin of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the uplands of western Iran and eastern Turkestan and in the far flung oases throughout the realmIn this realm water is almost at a premium and millions of peasants struggle to make soil and moisture yield a small harvest 2 The Middle EastThe name reflects the biases of its source Near East in Turkey a Middle East in Egypt Arabia Iraq and a Far East in China and Japan Middle East region lies at the core of NASWA 3 An Arab Worldthis term implies a uniformity that does not actually exist The name Arab is applied loosely to the peoples of this area who speak Arabic and related languages but ethnologists normally restrict it to certain occupants of the Arabian Peninsulathe Arab source 4 An Islamic WorldWorlds largest Muslim state is Indonesia Misleading as it also suggests that there is no Islam beyond NASWAs borders This world of Islam is not entirely Muslim either Christian minorities continue to survive in all three regions and many of the countries of NASWA realm Judaism has its base in the Middle East region and smaller religious communities such as Lebanons Druze and Irans Bahais diversify religious mosaic Islams impact on realms culture is dominant in countries such as Iran Saudi Arabia and Sudan and laminate to several of the countries in Turkestan Of its nearly 30 states and territories the 3 largest and in many ways most important are Egypt in North Africa Turkey on the threshold of Europe and Iran at the margins of Turkestan All 3 have populations between 70 and 80 millionIn North Africa almost everyone seems to live along or near the Mediterranean coast Hearths of Culture This geographic realm occupies a pivotal part of the world here Eurasia meets Africa Cultural Geoa wide ranging and comprehensive field that studies spatial aspects of human cultures focusing not only on cultural landscapes but also on culture hearths Rivers and CommunitiesIn the basins of the major rivers of this realm lay two of the worlds earliest culture hearths Tigris and Euphrates of modern day Turkey Syria and Iraq and the Nile of Egypt
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