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GEO 210
Hersch Jacobs

February 4, 2013 Geo Of danger Feb 4 Cholera:  People with type “O” blood is the most septable to cholera  Type “AB” blood, you are almost immune to cholera  Total number of death from cholera, is approximately 5000, 4600 of those cases are in Africa Cancer:  Poster to help someone, raise money for cancer treatment, through incentive like food, live music, and prizes (TVs, Winchester rifle)  Cancer is still the leading concern to most people  Canada has produced a cancer atlas of Canada  There is a cancer atlas of the United States (Picture)  Best way to deal with cancer is to avoid cancer o Map Cancer and show what the distribution is o The distribution of cancer, related to the causes of cancer o Cancer in the states more in the east half of the states o Why the difference between men and woman, and the distribution o Counties within the United States (Pics) o There has been changed in the geographical areas of cancer within those time periods o Those factors must be environmental, probably not a significant change in the genetics of those people living there o Biggest factors, are sex and race o Breast cancers, patterns have changed o Age o Environment seems to keep coming out o Childhood cancer in Britain, most childhood cancer under age of 16, are the result of industrial and environmental pollution (analyzed through maps of incidents) o The environment seemed to be a huge factor in the UK, 300 deaths each year as a result (Knox) o Knox suggested, a child born within a kilometer of a major emission o Breast cancer rate, connected to the environment o Great Lakes area has a pattern of breast cancer (contaminants) where we dispose to waste o Cancer Chart o Most men will die with prostate cancer o 3300 new diagnose cancer every week, o 1500 will die every week of cancer o Canada’s top 10 of death  Cancer o 43% of all new cancer cases, will be people over the age of 70 o For young people, the 2 leading causes of death ages 15-34 accidents and suicides o Cardio vascular disease 1995 o We have made a lot of advances in combating diseases o There are significant differences in different areas o What factors are most responsible for it (map of Canada) February 4, 2013 o Another major thr
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