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GEO 301
Joseph Aversa

GEO 301-LECTURE 1-September 10 , 2013  **READ News every week, business (retail section)  What is Geography o Geography affects us o The interaction between people, people and the environment o Nothing is by accident  What is Marketing o Demand (What we spend our money on) o Supply (Visibility of products)  Consumer Trends o Mobility  Toronto number 2 in range transportation  Distances become shorter  Territorial overlap of retailers (Cross Border Shopping) (Eaton Center vs. US shopping centers)  Transportation Capacity (Trunk Space, COSTCO (buying in bulk))  Two-Tiered: Niche Market that still exists, (Delivered grocery) o Income & Spending  More money is being made  But spending is high (Higher housing costs) o Demographics  Baby boomers attraction(Viagara, Life Insurance Commercials) o Population Growth  National Scale: Low to negative population growth (Ex. Italy)  High population growth through the developed world  Retailers thinking about internationalizing  Target: $1.85 Billion to come to Canada  Long term choices and decisions being made o Demographics-Geographic Variation  Canada: Growth in Ontario, but less in Maritimes  More growth in 905 region and less in 416 region o Demographics-Household Size  Lone Pairing households (Divorces, widows, children out of wedlock)  The idea of the nuclear family is changing  Married couples reducing in numbers o Demographics-Segmentati
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