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Lecture 5

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GEO 301
Joseph Aversa

L5: Site Selection Techniques The Role of Theories and Models - Theories and models are useful in two ways a. To explain the real world b. To predict what would happen in different locations and in future under certain conditions - How are theories and models developed? o Start with observation of the real world and case studies o Make generalizations from observations and case studies (deduction) o Apply generalization to other places to test its validity if it works well, use it to explain or predict (inference) if not, go back for more observation and re-generalization - Be aware, all theories and models have limitations General Location Factors A. Visibility If the retail facility is not visible from streets, many customers may not notice it B. Site constraints lot size, lot shape, zoning regulations (most valuable land is greenbelt but you cannot build on it for environmental purposes and to contain urban sprawl), cost and land or rent C. Accessibility how easy it is for customers to reach the site from surrounding streets or roads D. Nearby traffic situation high traffic volume is good for business, but not too much through-traffic E. Parking F. Co-tenants (Retail synergy) what types of co-tenants are complementary? (Pharmacy outside the doctors office) What types of co- tenants are competitors? G. Consumer base and consumption power (population and income) Population size and per capita income determine market size and sales potentials. Selected Methods of Location/Site Selection 1. Rules of thumb 3. Parasitic approach 5. Regression 2. Analogue method 4. Ranking 6. Location-allocation 1. Rules of Thumb - The store developer uses a single key factor to select a site for a new store - This key factor is regarded as directly related to sales performance - It is called the Rules of Thumb because the decision is made largely based on past experience of the store operator and his empirical observations Characteristic Type of Business Operating Rules 1. Convenience store 1. At least 2,000 households Trade Area 2. Fast food outlet 2. 5,000 households within 2 miles Size 3. Specialized auto service center 3. 16,000 car registration within 2 miles 4. Bank branch 4. 10,000 households within 15 minutes drive 1. Toy store 1. Freestanding site on access road to regional shopping Site 2. Discount store center 3. Downtown restaurant 2. Rent
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