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GEO509 - Week One

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GEO 509
Hersch Jacobs

Week One - Freshly laid eggs: lay horizontally in water - Romans loves eggs - Livia, the empress, wife of Augustus (Whom lives at the time of Christ) loved chicken & eggs o She hatched a chicken egg by bounding it b/w her breasts - Salt: deposits in Ontario areas are hundreds of millions of years old - Hanna Glasse o Wrote a famous cookbook (art of cookery) o “6 pounds of butter to fry 12 eggs… only need ½ pounds of butter” - “output” = energy - Kobe (Brand) Beef o Popularized in Japan o The cows lived a privileged life (i.e. fed periodically) o “wygu” beef o Tender + flavourful + expensive meat - Expensive Foods o Kobe Beef o Caviar o Abilorii ( type of fish from off the shores of California) o White truffle (Italy) o Saffron (14,000 stigmas = 1 saffron thread) - Average North American, each person, eats about 50 tonnes of food for a lifetime, drinks 55 000 litres
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