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Sept 12 12/11/2012 8:51:00 AM Livia – empress, wife of ceaser Augustus. Loved chickens and eggs. She hatched an egg by holding it between her breasts. Food we eat aged:  Fortified wines starter breads  Balsamic vinegar  Fish/birds/turtles (halibut/turbot/orange ruffy)  Salt Bough butter – in Ireland stored in the anaerobic boughs Butter- feelings/attitudes toward oils have changed  “the art of Cookery” by Hannah Glasse  1700’s common sense tips for the common cook  it takes ½ pound of butter to fry 12 eggs Chicago daily news cook book – 1930’s – info on how to balance diet and meet your budget  One section titled “how to gain weight”  6 rules designed to cut down on (energy output) o slow-up exercise o sleep more at night and take a rest during the day o drive more, walk less o sit more o choose light forms of exercise o if possible rest in bed for 1-2 weeks Kobe beef – 4-5lb roast sells for $2300  Wygu beef – incredibly marbled beef  Kobe is a brand  Not available outside japan Expensive foods  Kobe beef  Caviar  Avalon  Truffles  Saffron Average North American:  Each person eats 50 tones of food over your lifetime  Drink about 55000L of beverage  Daily: approximately 2000 calories a day  Michael Phelps eats approximately 12000 calories a day, 37lbs of food, during training. Moral implications to food choices  Vegetarian/vegan o More women than men  25 millions animals killed daily for US food markets  45 billion world-wide o average North American will consume 21 animals in a lifetime Stephen Lewis – Canadian Ambassador for United Nations  “Race against time” – books about how economics in western world, creates unfair economics in the west.  European Union supports Agricultural development in the Europe that is far too much  EU provides a subsidy to every single cow in the EU of $2/day 2005 study od Childhood obesity  34 countries, children 11, 13, 15 years th  Canada has the 4 fattest kids in the world o 1. Malta o 2. US o 3. England  reason to be worried: fat kids = fat adults  income affects our weight: o poverty = fat. Fat is cheap, protein is expensive traditionally fat = wealth (a person of means)  now our attitudes have changed Bee Wilson – Book  Chicken – “a healthy alternative to red meat”  2004 professionals o chicken bought in supermarket today, compared to 35 years age contains 3x as much fat. o Basic roast chicken today:  6x as much fat as protein  86g fat / 100 g chicken  135 years ago = 22g fat / 100g  single roasted chicken leg with skin has more fat than a big mac  today we eat 2x as much chicken as we did 25 years ago 2002 study on fruit and vegetables (Canadian study)  modern fruit/veg have less nutrition than they did 50 years ago  you would need to eat 8 modern oranges to get as much Vitamin A as 50 years ago from 1 orange The more widely you eat the healthier you will be. 1/5 Americans live on a diet of 10 or fewer foods 12/11/2012 8:51:00 AM “the Raw and the Cooked”  what cooking really is  the sublime moment of cooking is when nature becomes culture.  Cooking is a cultural activity and is something that must be learned.  Cooking separates human culture from other animals There are very few traits that are uniquely human. Animals farm and make tools Cooking originated approximately 150 000 years ago. Fernandez Hernesto   cooking is one of the major inventions in the history of humans  Cooking was the first scientific revolution o It was profound because cooking changed the rules of the game. o It changes our relationship with nature
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