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Lecture 12

GEO 509 Lecture 12: GEO509 Final Exam notes (1-12)

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Ryerson University
GEO 509
Hersch Jacobs

GEO509 FINAL EXAM NOTES FCK WEEK 1: LECTURE 1 Oldest thing to eat: turtle > 200 years Opportunity to take advantage of ingredients Adverbial approaches to the geography of food; semiotics of foods; needs and greeds Oldest thing we ever eaten: (not living species [not plantanimal]) Water ade from melting ice before civil war (10K years old) Salt: part of human body thats not a living thing get salt from mine Butter: store in vacuum environment in Ireland (pot) 300 years old Gain Weight: Reduce expenditure of energy Slow up relax sleep drive more walk less, sit more standless o Choose light form of exercise (rest in bed for 1 or 2 weeks) Most Expensive Food Truffle: mushroom grown in root (underground) of certain type of oak treehard to find White truffle Italy Black truffle: france caviar Culinary Ignorance most food consumed is young Oldest food: wine, cheese, salt, balsamic vinegar EGGS Romans Loved eggs?? : Empress (roman) Lydia: hatched her own egg in bosom Eggs important to most clients Portugese: custard tart, invented in a suburb of Lisbon (in a monetary) o Took advantage of locally advantaged source: surplus of egg yolks in PORTUGAL Egg whites more valuable o Used for preparing materials on sailing ships o Lubricating ships o Used in monastaries for starching clothes o Portugal major wine producer used to clarify wines o used as adhesive end of 19 century people eat food that was ADULTERATION: ADULTERATION: food that is modified by people different from its original condition o Preserve o Change appearancetexture o Conceal food is fuel provides energy average, a human will eat 50 pounds of good in your lifetime (average ppl) consume 55 000 L of fluid US: 25 million animals are killed a day
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