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GEO 509 - Sept 11 notes.docx

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GEO 509
Hersch Jacobs

SEPTEMBER 11 “Who eats what, where, why and how” – food definition - oldest documented human behavior: picking teeth - secure food and water: human enterprise - primary economic activity: hunting, fishing, farming (3 basic sources of food) - farming takes up most of the land - converts nature to human landscape - agriculture most important economic activity (250 million farmers worldwide) - human enterprise (1000 different types of plants) – there are key ones - 1/3 of planet involved in agriculture (production) - about 40% of population worldwide involved in agriculture (about 2% in Canada) - Canada is part of the food export (we export more than we import) - In the whole long history time frame, agriculture is fairly new, it was learned and invented st - 1 agriculture revolution: began 10 000 years ago – nourishment i) makes it more reliable food source ii) enables us to derive more food value than what nature supply’s (Increase supply) - for example: don’t eat wheat or flour – talk what nature provides and makes accessible - can’t have agriculture without land ownership - Aboriginal don’t understand “private property” - Ox is a castrated bull: force animal to grow bigger, stronger – pull heavy plows - Veal – male holstering (black and white cow) - most animals and plants now have manipulated both plants and animals in ways which fit us best - “The Dark Ages” 750 AD (or Western Europe) lost a lot of knowledge (ex. Food, cooking, astronomy) - they did not lose Latin translation and emerge of religious powers. -
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