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Food, Place, and Identity; Full course notes

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Ryerson University
GEO 509
Hersch Jacobs

Week 2 Rarified foodsMonday September 12 20111123 AMOldest foodsCheese 67 years CheddarWine 100 yearsSaltLivia 58BC 29AD RomeLoved eggsso much that she hatched one between her breastsHannah Glasse The Art of Cookery Made Plain and EasyUsed her book to down to the FrenchShuk How to gain weight published in the 30sRide more and walk lessTake napsSit more and stand lessMost expensive foodsTrufflesSaffron Most expensive spiceCaviar SturgeonGold leaf50 tons of food over a life spanOver 55000L of liquidsHumans are a species that is capable of deriving sustenance from plants and animalsOmnivores15 Americans lives on a diet of 10 foods or fewerMost people on average eat 85g of addedsugar a dayHoney does not spoil bacteria does not grow on itMemories that have smell or taste tend to stay with humans throughout lifePrimary Culture industry that directly extracts resources from natural sourcesAgriculture occupies most of human enterprisesRepresents most economical activity on planetCommercial agriculture about 1000 major different crops that occupies worlds farms occupies about 13 of worlds land surfaceInvolves 45 of global working population 2 CanadiansRelatively recent human enterpriseinvention 8000 BC 10000 years agoAssociated to civilization cities only possible due to surplus provided by agricultureBrings forth propriety laws rules business and how humans organize themselvesimage rooster running across bridge of water followed by flock of hensDo not need many male animals in order to reproduceMale HolsteinVeal female used for milk production therefore much more valuableMale species not as valuable in agricultural from a perspectiveOx castrated bullgrows very large used for farmingBrillatSavarinThe physiology of taste French bookTell me what you eat and Ill tell you who you areMolly ONealThe amount of fat you eat and how you eat it says more about you than the car you drive and where you liveetc GEO 509 Page 1 Eric Schlosser Fast food nationA nations diet can say more than their art or literatureLevi Strauss philosopherSocietys cuisine shows a lot about themMichael PollanThe Omnivores dilemmaWhen he looks at people he sees corn GEO 509 Page 2
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