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Ryerson University
GEO 509
Hersch Jacobs

thSeptember 14 2011 A geographical perspective on foodAgriculture is one of the most important of human activitiesOnly 1000 species of crops commercial13 of the earths mass is devoted to agriculture 45 of global population is engaged in agricultureAgriculture is a recently new invention about 10 000 years old stSeptember 21 2011Humans need 50 essential nutrients We get them through the food we consume Diet is the most important factor in age related diseases Ex diabetes heart disease etc30 is a critical age Things in your body begin to slow down the way you burn fat changes Your body begins to handle sugar in a different way A lot of people will become carbohydrate intolerant even small amounts of sugar are going to trigger large releases of insulin You will begin to gain weightThe best diets in the world are diversifiedSpinach is a valuable source of folic acid helps fight heart disease and some cancersPellagra a disease that people get when they have too much cornCorn lacks vitamin DHigher rate of breast cancer among women in the west32 reduction in the reoccurrence of breast cancer in women who eat a lot of soyA vitamin b compound found in pistachio nuts reduces the risk of lung cancerFresh food is more digestible lower level of toxic materialsOrganic foods develop higher brix levels sugar content lower water contentThe average food item travels 1500 miles and consumers mass amounts of energyThe first law in mycology o If you eat a mushroom and die It was poisonousBecause of the foods we eat we are always facing risk food poisoningContaminated rye grains produce ergot which contains lysergic acid LSD thSeptember 26 2011Sarpa Salpa also known as the Salema Porgy is a species of bream Causes hallucinations when eatenGiardiasis aka beaverfever most common parasite Caused by a single microscopic organism Found widely in fresh water in Canada Found in feces of animals that reside in the water Most people who get it dont know itAdulteration infecting somethingthSeptember 28 2011A chicken today contains 300 more fat than it did 35 years agoFat content of a roast chicken is 6 times as great as its protein contentCanadian study of fruits and vegetables found that they contain far less nutrients than in the pastModern broccoli contains 80 less copper that it used to90 of the pop industry is controlled by 3 companies Coke Pepsi CadburyNorth Americans drink 55 gallons of soda per yearTriconTaco Bell Pizza Hut KFCCoBranding is becomingpopular merging companiesFast food is seen as a distinctly American phenomenonAnton Fushwanger invested the hotdog o He made the connection between the bun and the hotdogWhy do we eat o We eat because it feels good we are hard wired to do soHypothalamus inside resides the stimulus that makes us hungry reminds us to eat o It is where we get our aggression from thOctober 5 2011Taste is the sensation we derive on our tongue when we put food or beverage in our mouthFlavour includes taste and other aspects o So is smell or aroma o Paino Texture o TemperatureWe normally eat using all of our sensesThe strongest muscle in your body is called the massater closes the jay during chewingYou cannot taste food with the absent of moisture there has to be liquidTongue is covered in nodules called papillaeYou have about 10000 taste buds within your mouth th Umani the 5 tasteWe can taste quicker than we can touch we can taste quicker than we can see and we can taste quicker than we can hearAgusia is a loss of tasteMake notes you assholeWe learn not to like certain foodsEpetiuhum a thin layer of nerve cells in the base of your nose between your eyes This combines smells with the test signals that comes from your tongue and it defines a flavourSmell and taste treatment foundation does a lot of research that helps us understand how food stimulatesWe remember the smell of things
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