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GEO509 - Week Three

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GEO 509
Hersch Jacobs

Week three ( second lecture ) - Panorama is the british equivalent of CBC 60 Minutes - Will appear in exams o No shortage of food, there is a shortage of money o Unequal distribution of wealth o 100 people in room representing global – 70 non-white, 70 non-Christian, o 100 people – 70 not be able to read, 70 illiterate, 50 suffering from malnutrition o 100 people – 80 live in substandard adequate housing o 100 people – 70 would have never made or taken a phone call o 100 people – one would have a college or university education o 100 people – 6 would control half of the wealth in the room (global wealth) o if you went through the shelves of grocery stores 70 years ago in Canada, average would have 900 different items.  Today, (sobeys, loblaws, no frills) it would stock 25000 different items. o Another privilege in Canada: the price of food (not the l
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