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Lecture 4

GEO509 - Week 4

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GEO 509
Hersch Jacobs

Perils of Food (Image of human evolution to a fat person) explanation: - Growing concerns of appropriate eating - Why is the global population becoming larger - One reason we’re getting bigger: Eating more fast food (more fat) - The Economist article based on lansat (medical journal), compared levels of obesity through geographical patterns . Also talked about historical patterns (how have people changed in terms of weight, over time). The articles looked at Time and Space o It found with one small exception, obesity was a “rich man/womans disease” in the 1980’s. - If you have a BMI of under 18.5, you are too thin - 18.5-24.9 you are normal - If you are between 25-29.9 you are overweight Productivity Map: designed to suggest that certain kinds of food have certain kinds of functions. i.e. foods that improve our digestion and contribute to sleep. Energy and Brain Foods: - Eggplan - Raisins - Lima beans - Corn - Figs - Tuna - Spinach 2012 marks an important anniversary: th - Is the 100 anniversary of the discovery of vitamins (discovered in 1912) o The reason food is beneficial for us related to the vitamin content in large measures o Discovered by a Dutch man, Cornelius Pekelharing - We all need 50 essential nutrients. 15 consist of vitamins. 15 essential vitamins humans need to be healthy. 21 are minerals. 11 are amino acids. o Main point: when we talk about nutrition, it is essentially an exercise in taking from our diets, and ensuring that they are available to our cells and body tissues. o Optimal nutrition: there is an appropriate balance in nutrition. - The single most important thing that ages us is diet. Not eating properly contributes to getting diabetes, it exposures our likely hood of cancers, it is a major factor in explaining high blood pressure (hypertension), diet is responsible to some ex
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