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Lecture 11

GEO 609 Lecture 11: GEO609 WEEK 11A FRIDAY MARCH 24TH (Midterm Review)

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GEO 609
Jeanne Maurer

Midterm Review Question 1: 1. Urban regions are the foci communications 2. Major decision making centres 3. Technologically dependent From Toronto 1. 401 with Toronto as a port city like the great lakes, wire traffic being the centre of electronic communications, CBC headquarters in Toronto 2. 3 daily newspapers 2 of them are nationals. We’re a city making decisions. Huge credible educational environments providing skilled people to making decisions in the city, CBC as a news channel for Toronto 3. We’re wired; Dundas square with highlight mediated with that visual digital technology Question 3: 1. Business and financial 2. Power and control and command 3. Cultural and creative industry 4. Business and leisure tourism Synergistic like they support each other and you can’t have one without the other, critical mass of activities to support each other and working together rand interdependently. Question 4: 1. Creates distance that can overcome only if you have access to tech 2. Forces its use rather than making it optional 3. Shifts to mandatory commitment of time and budgets 4. Potential loss of personal autonomy—people not having access to the internet (choice or income based) 5. Loss of continuity (temporally and spatially) with both the culture and the economy of regions and localities—extra local dependence (decision making and commerce) Question 5: A) Obsolescence B) Definition: technology that undermines the existence of prior technologies and of established customs to the point where those unable to make the transition to a new way of doing thing are
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