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Lecture 6

GEO 609 Lecture 6: GEO609 WEEK 6A FRIDAY FEB17TH

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GEO 609
Jeanne Maurer

th GEO609 Week 6A  Friday February 17 Test: • Towards the end of reading week; study guide will be up • World cities • Questions associated with content of course • There’s choice • Remember what Janelle has to say about the concept of radical technology • Harold innis—bias of communication • Laws of media World Cities [3. A co-dependent relationship; the growth of world city systems and the death of distance?] One index of ranking world cities Synergistic activities going on in the world. World cities must have a population of 5 million (threshold) or more in order to be supported locally and regionally, but to pull people outside of the world city region (internationally) into the city. Looked at in the urban agglomeration; not the political view. The reach and influence into the GTA for Toronto to be as a political entity. We have 2.6 million people but GTA is 6.5 million people or more. Immigrant receiving centres are world city’s duties in a way. th GEO609 Week 6A  Friday February 17 Business Activities • global in nature (international ties and connections) • Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) for resource commodities Human capital • Levels in population • And education o College and universities in the region o What’s the status of people (graduate, undergraduate etc.) • Top end managers Information exchange • How much information flows are going back and forth • Technological expertise • International airports (prof is conflicted on where they engaged it for this report) Cultural experience • Entertainment and cultural opportunities to attract tourism (recreational and business) o Museums o Raptors, blue jays Political Engagement • Stability above all else; how strong/stable is the democracy • Parliamentary system o Making laws based on ideology (majorities) • Proportional representation o Popular vote with coalition governments (minorities) • World cities are a very economic model One of the exceptions would be China and its partnerships over the past 15 years. We’re still essentially dealing largely with the same economic relationships and power relationships. th GEO609 Week 6A  Friday February 17 OPEC Cartel • Got together in 1960s (during and post WW2), responsible for 50% of oil reserves in the world • Got together in the 60s for getting exploited • Put pressure on USA and Europe to get involved in refining the oil and sharing the wealth; USA said we’re your market and there’s no one else you’re selling to • By 1972, cartel figured out how many reserves they have and cut a % of supply; and the economy in USA, Europe didn’t have cheap oil anymore (from $1 to $2) inflation went crazy and everything cost more HIGH ROI with 10-20% returns • International division of labour • 80s all economic cycles went down (no ROI) no one wanted to buy o Stagflation—everyone’s buying these houses that they can afford to pay now or sell it to make some money; yet at some point, bubble will burst and people will have a lot of money to owe but won’t have money to return on their investment Neofordism • Assembly line of the production system in poorer countries to split up the work so anyone with a little bit of training can do the work o Depressing wages and produce th
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