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GEO702 Water Pollution-6th Nov,2013.rtf

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GEO 702
Valentina Capurri

6th Nov, 2013 Water Pollution Why should we care? • need water to survive • 60% of human body is water • can survive without food but not without water • present in limited quantity, therefore it should be preserved • dangers for human health and wildlife species Human Health • toxic water is dangerous for drinking and other activities such as swimming Wildlife • should be given equal importance • protection of habitat for aquatic animals The Water Cycle • water is a great solvent • water supply is finite yet water gets recycled and purified via water cycle • three main steps; 1. Evaporation-water evaporated in air 2. Transpiration-release of water in gaseous form from plants 3. Percipitation-water coming back to us as rain, hail and snow • percipitation that falls on land becomes surface runoff • rest of the water goes underground and becomes groundwater to replenish aquifers. Carbon, Nitrogen & Phosphorus Cycles • Carbon cycle circultaes carbon through earth's life support system. • carbon and water cycles interact-more carbon dio
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