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GEO 702
Abednego Aryee

RYERSON UNIVERSITYChang School of Continuing Education and Department of GeographyCGEO 702 Technology and Contemporary Environments Spring 2014INSTRUCTORDr Abednego AryeeINSTRUCTOR PHONE4169795000 INSTRUCTOR EMAILaaryeeryersoncaOFFICE HOURS By AppointmentThis is an Upper Level Liberal Studies courseThe Chang School Office HoursMonThurs800am700pmPhone4169795035 Friday800am430pmEvery effort will be made to manage the course as statedHowever adjustments may be necessary at the discretion of the instructorIf so students will be advised and alterations discussed in the class prior to implementationIt is the responsibility of instructors and students to ensure that they understand the Universitys policies and procedures in particular those relating to course management and academic integrityA list of relevant policies is included at the end of this outlineCOURSE DESCRIPTIONPublic concern for the environment continues to exert a major influence on how society functions More than ever individuals technologies and corporations are asserting their Greenness At the same time human activities are increasingly being recognized as having farreaching consequences affecting politics economics and society as well as individuals for generations to come That these consequences are now recognized to extend to a global scale emphasizes that there is a significant geographic dimension to the issues we face This geographic perspective on the environment which also encompasses consideration of the many interactions between humanity and nature is the focus of this course Both recurring and new issues are examined in terms of implications for North American SocietyREQUIRED TEXTWithgott J Brennan S Murck B 2009 or 2013 Environment the science behind the stories Canadian edition Toronto Pearson Canada ISBN9780321315335 Specific Required Readings from the text will be assigned in lectures1
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