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March 14th

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Ryerson University
GEO 793
Valentina Capurri

Chow is opposed to the subway is that it will take more time, for the subway it will take until 2019 before anyone even picks up a shovel. Lrt will cost 1 billion less, Lrt will also have 7 stops, and the subway will have 3. The provincial government has an agency that is appointed to look at transportation issues in the golden horshoe – Metrolinks. They have already proposed a bunch of plans to improve transportation but it will cost 50 billion dollars. Wynne made clear that this 50 bil is not going to be found from putting an addition tax on gasoline. Because too many people on the poverty line. Also not increasing HST which is a good tax. For exactly the same reason. Another reason is that this is a provincial issue in terms of transportation, so increase a national tax will not make sense. She is considering putting a toll on roads. She is also conscidering to increase in the next budget the income taxes, on the other hand she said this is not going to affect low-iincome or middle-income families. What is a middle income family though??? 200k per year or 80k per year? Ethnic Neighbourhoods. Cities are so significant because some cities are strategically positioned on the internation economic stage. (every given day we receive goods and people from all around the world) Also ethno-cultural diversity in cities is increasing Also cities are witnessing the rise of numerous new social movements. (a very vibrant place, protests, marches, parades, etc) Immigration to cities: 1. Better economic opportunities (jobs) 2. Ethno-cultural diversity 3. More social support networks (training, esl, welfare) 4. Presense of family and friends (bigger chance you can connect to people) Place’based approach, in a city as diversed as Toronto, it is neceassry for decision making to use a place based approach. It is the opposite of the top-down apporoach. (bunch of professional/beuaarocrats, lock themselves in a room, solve the problem
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