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Diversity and Immigrant Needs Lecture Notes.docx

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GEO 793
Cynthia Mason

Diversity and Immigrant Needs: Examining Toronto Through a Place-Based Approach - Issue: addressing needs of immigrants and diverse communities- using a place-based approach - What is a place-based approach? 1. Recognition that place matters not only for its physical characteristics but also because people develop attachment to it (sense of place) 2. Involvement of all stakeholders in developing shared meanings around place 3. Involvement of all stakeholders in establishing priorities for action 4. All stakeholders’ needs are addressed - Policy considerations that connect diversity and growing immigrant community needs in many Canadian cities - A place-based approach can be viewed as “the process by which people living in, or having a connection to an area try to find common ground for what the area means to them… by seeking to realize their mutual understanding through a collaborative and consensual approach to community building and neighbourhood renewal” -
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