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The Politics or Urban Space Lecture Note.docx

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GEO 793
Cynthia Mason

The Politics or Urban Space: Modes of Place-Making by Italians in Toronto’s Neighbourhoods - Italians in Toronto: • Urban ethnic collectivities’ appropriation of particular places in the plural city • 3 modes of place-making: 1. The quotidian • It encompasses the everyday level of individual and collective behaviour through which Italian-Canadians make claims and seek acknowledgement of their presence in particular neighborhoods • The ritual offers an opportunity for people to present themselves in public, and assess the presentation of other members of the moral community as well • Practices of place-making also include “ethnic personalization of space” • Reworking of landscape and restructuring of building “fixes” identity into particular neighborhoods and streets in the imagination of Italians and non-Italians alike • The front and back yards of the Italian family home, a garden full of leafy greens, tomatoes staked with broken hockey sticks and beans climbing stakes reaching for the sun, a separate entrance to a wine cellar or cantina, an outdoor oven, grafted fruit trees offering two or three varieties of peaches and grape arbor [provides a sense of familiarity, security and comfort] • Italians immigrants altered, remade, or built features of their houses that are reminiscent of Italian architectural styles, incorporating arches, arcades, porticoes, terracotta touches, tile and marble • Examples include: 1. The evening ritual walk (passeggiata) 2. Ethnic personalization of space 2. The Calendrical • It encompasse
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