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Management Planning

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Week 8 Lecture Notes GMS Management Planning Exercises in decision-making Transferring Convicts A lot of convicts died along the way because of many reasons Transferring from England to Australia Malnourishment, medicine not given Some captains hoarded food and medicine meant for the convicts and sold them upon arrival in Australia How might captains be convinces to take better care of their human cargo? o Compensation for the captains based on the number of live convicts at the end of the voyage worked like a charm Chile Hyperinflation During a period of hyperinflation in Chile, the story is told that the govt.s imposition of a maximum price made it unprofitable for suppliers to sell bread the legal max. was below the cost of production A simple prediction would be that bread would disappear from the shelves If you were a baker how might you respond? o Their response was to shrink t
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