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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Week 11 GMS Lecture notes Final exam Total time: 120 minutes Number of questions: 120 Chapters 1,4,5,7 30 questions Chapters 2,6,8,9,10,13 90 questions April 27, 12 PM at MTCC Business level strategies Two generic strategies: 1. Cost Leadership a. Timex b. BiC 2. Differentiation a. Rolex Corporate level strategies (important for exam) Many types, but here we have divided them into three: 1. Integrative strategies a. Gaining ownership of increased control over distributors or retailers (forward integration) i. McDonalds and other fast food chains 1. Owns 23% of its 32,000 restaurants worldwide ii. Boise Cascade 1. Forest products firm 2. Owns 2.3 million acres of timber-lands 3. Distributes the Cascade line of products to Office Depot, Staples, and OfficeMax (office furniture) 4. Recently acquired OfficeMax (drawback their customers are now their competitors, so now their reach has been limited to OfficeMax b. Seeking ownership or control of a firms suppliers (backward integration) i. Arcelor Mittal UK based, largest steel company in the world 1. Presence in 60 countries 2. Own 47% of iron ore mines (removing the mark up from the mines to the steel products, ensures their supply, huge barrier to entry competitors will have to pay premium) 3. Intends to increase it to 75%
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