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Lecture 2

Week 2

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Robert Hudyma

Chapter 7 Information Technology and the changing workplace Knowledge workers - add value to the organizations through intelligence Intellectual Capital shared knowledge in the workplace Both Knowledge workers and intellectual capitals are irreplaceable assets of the company Peter Drucker the productivity of knowledge and knowledge workers depend on two competencies: 1) Computer Competency the understanding and the use of computers 2) Information Competency using technology to locate, evaluate , organize and analyze information for decision making How it is changing business Electric Commerce - buying the selling of goods and service online Business to customers B2C and Business to Business B2B The stages of development in e-commerce 1) Secure an online identity Firms have a web address 2) Establish a Web presence Using the web address to advertise and promote but doesnt allow online queries or ordering 3) Enable ecommerce Allow the customers to order product online through the web address 4) Provide e-commerce and customer relationship management- Firms use their websites to serve customers who, for example check orders and inventory levels 5) Utilize a service application model Firms use websites to serve business functions such as financial and operations management How it is changing organizations - Information Technology is changing organizations by breaking down barriers - Allows ppl in different departments to communicate and share information - Fewer middle managers, the computer does all the work - IT organizations operate with fewer levels, which creates opportunities for faster decision making and the better use of IT barriers - Important role in Customer Relationship management o Provide info about customer needs and preferences - Helps manage and control costs in all aspects How is it changing the office? Instant messaging communication between ppl online at the same time Peer to Peer file sharing connects PCs directly together allowing documents to be swapped
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