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Lecture 6

week 6

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Sui Sui

M a i 1 GMS 200 Global Management Lecture Notes Why Global Management (090710) Flat panel TVs o Begin as glass panels manufactured in South Korea, Taiwan and Japan o Sent to Mexico along US borders (Macquiladora) for combining with other electrical components shipped from Asia and US o Finished shipped to retails in Canada Boeing (American airline France) o Japan fuselage and doors o Singapore landing gear o Italy wings o 30% of manufacturing in terms of value outside US (777) o 787 as high as 65% International Communication Blunders Diary Association from USA started campaign in Mexico Got Milk? Are you lactating? Coors from USA started campaign in Mexico Turn it loose Suffer from diarrhoea Pepsi launched campaign in China Come alive with the Pepsi generation Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave Changing Nature of Work 1940s-70s GM o Wage leader: wage formula negotiated with United Auto Workers 3% plus productivity and cost of living adjustments M a i 2 o Introduced pensions, health insurance, joint training funds, work family benefits o Other firms forced to match GMs rising wages o GM today went through bankruptcy Wal-Mart largest US employer (1.8 million people) o Average wage 30% below national average; 50% turnover o Class action suits for gender discrimination and overtime pay o Resists unionization o Other firms match Wal-Mart lower wagesbenefits (not all) Self-Assessment A 21 Century Manager? (091410) 1. Resistance to stress: G 2. Tolerance for uncertainty: G 3. Social objectivity: G 4. Inner work standards: GW 5. Stamina: S 6. Adaptability: S 7. Self-confidence: G 8. Self-objectivity: SG 9. Introspection: SG 10. Entrepreneurism: SG PMF: 6 What is an Organization? A collection of people working together to achieve a common purpose Are Organizations an Open or a Close System? The environment supplies (resource inputs) M a i 3 o People o Money o Materials o Technology o Information The organization creates (transformation process) o Work activities turn resources into outputs The environment consumes (product outputs) o Finished goods andor services Customer and client feedback Productivity and the Dimensions of Organizational Performance Effective but not efficient Effective and efficient Goals achieved Goals achieved Hig Resources wasted No wasted resources Goal h High productivity Attainme Neither effective nor efficient Efficient but not effective nt Low Goals not achieved No wasted resources Resources wasted Goals not achieved Poor Good Resources Utilization What is a Manager? Traditional Person who plans, direct people and resources New Person who directly supports and helps activate the work efforts and Organization performance accomplishments of others What are the Management Levels in a Typical Organization? Typical Business Management Levels Typical Non-profit Board of Directors Top Managers Board of Trustees Chief Executive Officer Middle Managers Executive Director President President Vice President Administrator Vice President
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