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Lecture 5

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Tsogbadral Galaabaatar

QMS Lecture 5 The 5 number Summary  X smallest  First Quartile  Second Quartile  Third Quartile  X Largest Box and Whisker Plot Formal Rules  Draw a single vertical axis spanning the extent  Draw short horizontal lines (Hinges) at the lower (Q1) and upper (Q3) quartiles; also draw a line at the median (Q2). Then connect them with vertical lines to form a box.  Compute IQR= Q3-Q1  Compute 4 fences - (Right) upper outer fence = q3+3xIQR - (ight) upper inner fence= q3+1.5xIQR - (left) lower inner fence = q1-1.5xIQR - (left) lower outer fence= Q1-3x1QR  Find the largest point between the upper inner fence and the upper hinge and draw a line from the top hinge tot his height and draw the top whisker.  Find the lowest data point between the bottom hinge and the lower inner fence and draw a line from the bottom hinge to this point and draw the lower whisker  Mark data points that occur between each pair of upper and lower fences which are outliers  Mark data points beyond either outer fences and those are extremes  Outliers: data in between the fences  Extremes: are data
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