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lecture 5

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Lecture 5 Time: A culture thing Does it change from one culture to another some culture val time than others Time is money = US Jap culture vs. Western culture those who rush arrive first at the grave spain the clock did not invent man Nigeria b4 the time, it is not yet the time; after the time, Time is standard but looked at diff Europe later you are = more imp Global mindset many ppl assert that cultures around the world conve rging impact how org work o Ppl are same everywhere ppl travel o They wear jeans and European designer fashion -> make same product and sell aross couintrys o Time lag wats acceptable in America and Europe o No matter where you are there are still differene o May make local ppl hold down on to their cultures more o Pepsi example marketing it in other countri esnot acceptable in other cultures (catch phrases) o Ads are different (localized) but same product (standardized) o Coke (ex) tastes different in diff countrespesticides high in europe o Mcdonalds has specialized foo d halal meat o Parmasuticles differ in diff cultures o Ppl eat at mcdonalds,talk on nokia phones
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