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lecuture 6

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Lecture 6: Chapter 8 - Management Planning Became big thing in 1960s can outdo competition and can do well in uncertain external envir Strategic planning IBM, Google, Microsoft recruits planner and plan for future and where business move to the future; scarce =huge demand Transferring convicts towards end of 18 century England began sending convicts to Australia Transportations was privately provided but publicly funded Money investment made by public Lot of convicts died along the way while on way to Australia bc of overcrowding, poor nutrition sand little no medical treatment Some entrepreneurial captains hoarded food and medicine for the convicts and sold them upon arrival in Australia b 1790 & 1792, 12% of convicted deiend to the dismay of many good hearted English mewomen who thought that banishment to aurailia How might captians be convinced to take better care of their human cargo? o Gov decide dot pay captin bonus for each convict that walked off the o Simple plan worked moratlity fell to virtually 0 = incetives Chile hyperinflation During period of hyperinflations in chile the story told that the gov impostition of max price made ti unprofitable for suppliers to sell bread the leagal max was below cost of production Good becoming more expensive Suppliers found that it was below cost of production there for unprofitable to make bread How will you get out of inflation? o Combine and sell goods together o Sell ingredients and offer service to make didnt have to process it o Cahrgin them to use oven not selling bread but selling a service o Didnt say anything about the wirght of the bread shorten the loaf they sold = which made it possible to make profit from the bread 500 g to 200 g bread o Impose a min weight on bread Euro Disney As a group make a decision wheter to lauch Euro Disney or not Unitl 1992, walt Disney comp expereing nothing but success 1 park open in californica, Anaheim in 1995 1970 reaped in florida Showed they can be success ill in Tokyo japna Disney execs turned attention in france , paris the self proclaimed capital of European culture in 199 French gov expecting to create 30,000 and contribute $ 1 B a year based on how they did at other locatoion o Land at 1971 price s subsidised o Provide $750 million loan below market rates o Spend millions of dollars on subways and railroads dir to Europe to Disney land o Give incentive and set up operation = bring job, rev and bump up ecomomy o Ex: Brussels will only be 90 mins by train o # of ppl win 2-6 hrs of paris site 2 hr drive = 17 million market that can attend 4 hr drive = 41 million 6 dr drive = 109 million 2 hr flight = 310 million
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