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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Masoomeh Moharrer

Chapter 6 Entrepreneurship and Small Business1Multiple Choice QuestionsCHAPTER INTRODUCTION106 Which of the following statements provides an accurate description of an entrepreneurAAn entrepreneur starts his or her own businessBAn entrepreneur is his or her own bossCAn entrepreneur can make his or her own special contribution to societyDA and BEA B and CEGTAp2SchermerhornWright Management FundamentalsTHE NATURE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP STUDY QUESTION 1107Success in highly competitive business environments depends on AEntrepreneurshipBVenture capitalistsCAccess to wealthy investorsDEstablishing a corporate form of ownershipEMinimizing riskAGTFa108 describes strategic thinking and risktaking behaviour that results in the creation of new opportunities for individuals andor organizations AStrategic planningBAngel investingCEntrepreneurshipDManagement developmentEOrganizational developmentCKTFa109H Wayne Huizenga believes that An important part ofis a gut instinct that allows you to believe in your heart that something will work even though everyone else says it will notABeing an entrepreneurBVisioningCBusiness venturingDStrategic managementESmall business successAGTApWho Are the Entrepreneurs110 is a risktaking individual who takes action to pursue opportunities and situations others fail to recognize or even view as problems or threatsAA daredevilBAn opportunistCAn intrapreneurDAn entrepreneurEA managerial activistDKTFa111An entrepreneur is an individual who ATakes risksBTakes action to pursue opportunities and situations others may fail to recognize as suchCTakes action to pursue opportunities and situations others may view as problems or threatsDBoth B and CEA B and CEKTFa
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