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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Masoomeh Moharrer

Chapter 9 Strategic Management1Multiple Choice QuestionsCHAPTER INTRODUCTION145Todays highly competitive business environment places a premium on effectiveandas prerequisites for organizational successATime managementoperations managementBInventory controltactical managementCStrategyemployee disciplineDStrategystrategic managementEPerformance measurementstrategic managementDGTApSTRATEGIC COMPETITIVENESS STUDY QUESTION 1146When an organization hasit is operating with an attribute or combination of attributes that allows it to outperform its competitorsACompetitive successBCompetitive effectivenessCCompetitive advantageDDominating competitionEMonopolistic behaviourCKTFa2SchermerhornWright Management147 is one that is difficult for competitors to imitateASuperior performance capabilityBHypercompetitive successCSustainable competitive successDOngoing competitive effectivenessESustainable competitive advantageEGTFa148Which of the following statements is NOT accurateAThe ultimate goal of any organization is to simply achieve competitive advantageBThe ultimate goal of any organization is to achieve sustainable competitive advantageCA sustainable competitive advantage is one that is difficult for competitors to imitateDTo gain sustainable competitive advantage an organization must consistently deal with market and environmental forces better than its competitorsEThe task of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage can be challenging in any settingAGTFaWhat Is Strategy149A comprehensive plan of action that identifies longterm direction for an organization and guides resource utilization to accomplish an organizations goals with sustainable competitive advantage is known as the AOperating philosophyBStrategyCPlanning objectivesDOperating objectivesEOfficial objectivesBKTFa150 refers to an action focus that links an organization to its environmentAObjective settingBEcological managementCProblemsolvingDStrategyEDecision makingDGTFa151 refers to an organization focusing its energies on a unifying and compelling targetAStrategic intentBThe operational planCThe functional planDStrategic thinkingEManaging with sound objectivesAKTFaChapter 9 Strategic Management3152Ais a plan for using resources consistent with AStrategystrategic intentBVisionstrategic intentCBudgettransformational leadershipDStrategytransformational leadershipEStrategyvisionary leadershipAGTFa153Customers and flexibility increasingly drivein contemporary businessesAObjective settingBCommunicationsCProblem solvingDStrategyEDecision makingDGTApStrategic Management154 refers to the process of formulating and implementing strategies to accomplish longterm goals and sustain competitive advantageAStrategic managementBManagerial planningCProblem solvingDPortfolio planningEEnvironmental scanningAKTFa155The essence ofis looking ahead understanding the environment and the organization effectively positioning the organization for competitive advantage in changing times and then achieving itAManagerial planningBStrategic managementCProblem solvingDPortfolio planningEEnvironmental scanningBGTFaStrategic Management Goals156According to Harvard scholar Michael Porter the ultimate goal for any business should be AMaximum wealth creationBMaximum market shareCSuperior profitabilityDIndustry dominationETotal customer satisfactionCGTFa
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