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Mini Assignment 1 – Spin Master (Case 13) Name: Aaina Jaiswal Student#: 500508476 Industry#: 8 Course Number: GMS200 Section Number: 041 Professor: Sui Sui Turnitin Confirmation#: 301964870 1. There are two key decisions that Harary, Rabie, and Varadi took in the start-up of their company. First decision was when they produced their first product "The Earth Buddy" and one of their friend, Rabie, decided to ask Roots Canada Ltd. of introducing their product. As a result Rabie's idea turned out to be a big hit and soon after they received an order of 500,000 from K-Mart in United States. Second decision was based on the order they received from K-Mart because soon after this success they decided to move the operations from Harary's kitchen to a factory of 200 employees. Looking at the decision environment, the decisions taken by these three friends were non- programmed. The first decision of introducing their product through a retail store was incomparable simply because they had no idea if it will be a hit or not also they didn't have any past experiences to know any better and was non-programmed because roots was the first company to do something unique like that. The second decision of moving the operations to a factory was a smart decision and was non-programmed because they knew this way they could save and at the same time earn a lot because now they will be able to meet high demands of their customers which they couldn't when they were just new to the industry.
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