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GMS 200 Mini-Assignment 2

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Alexander Wong, 500510461, Section #: 011 Mini-Assignment #2: HBC – From Fur to Fendi Turnitin Confirmation #: 313622686 Dr. Shavin Malhotra 1. Describe at least three strategies used by HBC prior to its sale to Zucker and NRDC. Many strategies were used by HBC prior to its sale to Zucker and NRDC, some include the e- business strategy, the growth strategy and the differentiation strategy. HBC used the e-business strategy firstly because in order to attract more customers, they implemented an online shopping program where they strategically used the Internet to gain competitive advantage. It allowed for consumers to have different options for shopping aside from in person. Additionally they used the growth strategy through expanding the company by acquiring other successful retailers like K-Mart Canada to strengthen its share of the market as referenced from the textbook where growth strategy is defined as, “To expand the size and scope of operations in respect such things as total shares, market shares, and operating locations.” To persuade consumers to come back, HBC also implemented an HBC Rewards program so they would have an incentive purchase more products. Lastly, although unsuccessful, HBC applied the differentiation strategy attempting to offer a different trendy image through Designer Depot & Style Depot. HBC moved away from their focus on steep discounts instead trying something different. Thus showing that HBC attempted to seek competitive advantage by offering different products and ideas than the competition. 2. Describe at least three strategies HBC adopted since the sale. Many strategies were adopted since the sale including the focus differentiation strategy, the renewal str
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