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Lecture 5

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Masoomeh Moharrer

Lecture 5 Chapter 2 Classical management approachpeople are rationalScientific ManagementFredrick TaylorFather of Management Science o Maximum prosperity of employer and employee o Do jobs in their own waylose efficiency o Solution TrainingSupervision o Time study Analyze motion and tasks o What is Time Study ExampleFinding a Standardize time Process using least time and resourcesstandardized way of doing a task o Rules of motion standardized work implements and proper working conditions for every jobo Selecting workers with the right ability o Train workers and provide proper incentives o Support Workers in workYoutube Frederick Taylor go AnimateThe Gilbreths o Motion StudyScience of reducing a job or task to its basic physical motionso Eliminating wasted motions improves performanceo Filming details of activities and recording time for Visual record of how work had been doneTraining workers about the best way o Four Pricniples of motion economyReducing the number of motions Perform motions simultaneouslyShorten Motion distances Bricks reduce walking reachingstretching squatting and turning Make motion easier work should be smooth and rhythmical reduce fatigue and promote safety Practical Lessons from scientific management o Make resultbased compensation a performance incentive o Carefully design jobs with efficient work methods o Carefully select workers with the abilities to do these jobs o Train workers to perform jobs to the best of their abiltiieso Train supervisors
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