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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Bamidele Adekunle

Thajeerthan Ganesalingam MiniAssignment #1- Case: McCain Foods Limited 500581010 Submission ID: 393299420 Adekunle, Bamidele 1. If you were in charge of theAsian operation for McCain, how would you recommend the company overcome the challenges in the Chinese market? Being in charge of theAsian operation for McCain means not only leading the company to success but to understand that what appeals and attracts the Chinese market.After having an overall understanding I will have an idea of what the consumers of china like and dislike. From the Chinese tradition it is known that the colour “red” represents and symbolizes, luck, joy, wealth, and good fortune. With this information we can decide on making the package of our frozen food and dessert products red.As we use red as the colour of our packages, we should try avoiding certain colours such as white. In the Chinese tradition white represents and symbolizes death. These simple features that are incorporated into our products will make a big difference in the Chinese market. In addition, products in the Chinese market are extremely cheap compared to the McCain products. Being in charge of theAsian operation means that I must adjust the pricing on the McCain product. This will keep the Chinese market consumer satisfied and attract consumers who aren’t familiar with McCain. Cutting the price of the McCain product will allow many consumers of the Chinese market to accept our type of food. Once the Chinese market are familiar with our product and our company, we can be able to raise the price of our product. 2. Drawing from Hofstede’s work on global culture, what challenges might Canadian mangers at McCain face when interacting with their Chinese business colleague
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