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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Bamidele Adekunle

Hani Ahmed, 500572485, Section # : 031 Mini­Assignment #1 – Case: McCain Foods Limited Turnitin Confirmation#:  Dr. Bamidele Adekunie  McCain assignment 1.) If you were in charge of the Asian operations for McCain, how would you recommend the company overcome the challenges in the Chinese market? In order for McCain to mature in the Asian market I believe that they need to have a global initiative for targeting the masses, try meeting the challenges of a specific area, and be aware cultural differences. The fact the McCain wants to grow in the Chinese market is because of the losses in North America. The company wants to compensate in Asia with countries such as India and China that have a large population. How the company can grow overall and be successful in Asia is by completing the stages of market entry strategies and direct investment strategies. Since McCain has already entered the market and is looking to expand they have already met this task. Another aspect in the success of a foreign market is having an understanding of how the Asian culture is in order to fully submerge into the prospering business market overseas. As written in the article Asia consumes far less potatoes in their traditional dishes, trying to change that as far as only consuming 100 grams rather than North America’s 13 kilograms will be very difficult. Trying to assimilate into the culture by having some of the tastes and preferences of Chinese cuisine incorporated could be a great tactics for the Chinese to eat more of the potatoes. Appealing to the masses on a broad spectrum will help in the annual growth. A last tactic for the expansi
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