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Global Management Chapter 3 cont.docx

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Rodney Umrah

Chapter 3 Very important to pay attention to Ranking Corruption the higher the value the worse the country is. Transparency international report allows you to see how corrupt a country is Ethics - Sweatshop o Low wages o Poor conditions Abuse ( verbal/physical) Exploitation Culture and Global Diversity What is Guanxi? Relationships o Connections - Guangxiwang = relationship network - Have to know the regulations or laws of the country you are running your business in Culture is a huge key factor in operating a business within another country Edward taylor “ that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law custom and other capabilities acquired by man as a member of society” Geert Hofstede: the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one human group from another…. Culture, includes systems of values What is culture? - A shared set of beliefs values and patterns of behavior common to a group of people Building blocks of culture - Values = abstract ideas and beliefs about what is good, right and desirable - Norms = social rules that govern the peoples actions Culture - The shared set of beliefs, values and patterns of behavior common to a group of people Culture shock - Confusion and discomfort a person experiences in an unfamiliar culture Ethnocentrism Stages in adjusting to a new culture 1. Confusion – anxious uncomfortable information deficient 2. Small victories- confidences grows with daily interactions 3. The honeymoon – cultural immersion, infatuation 4. Irritation and anger – new culture becomes a target of your criticism 5. Reality – enjoying tolerating new culture while accommodating its less desirable elements Cross Culture - Starting point “ there is no one else here” o Mind set: blind mono-culturalism - Our way is the only way o Mind set: Ethnocentrism: different means deficient - Wait a minute there may be another way o Mind set: willingness to crack open the door: awareness creates some sensitivity to cultural lenses - Oh you mean there are reasons why people respond differently o Mind set tolerance discernment gives birth to understanding - Its ok to be different o Mind set: favourable acceptance respect for cultural differences - Multi cultural living can enhance our lives and even be fun o Mind set: appreciation and admiration: Esteem Silent languages of culture (Edward hall) Context o Low context cultures emphasizes communication via spoken or written words o High context cultures- rely on nonverbal and situational cues as well as on spoken or written words in communication Silent languages - Time o Monochronic cultures – people tend to do one thing at a time o Polychronic cultures – time is used to accomplish many different things at once - Space o Proexmics – is how people use space to communicate Ethnography is the study of human races and culture
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