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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Rodney Umrah

Chapter 13 - Information technology and management - Information and managerial decisions - The decision making process - Issues in managerial decision making IT & Management You are teaching your 10-pm class in the Engineering building and you suddenly see 3 guys running pass your classroom with high powered guns 1. What could you have done before the class to prepare you for this kind of action? a. Read the emergency procedures in place to help prevent anything from anything Information is very important 2. What would you do right now? a. Call the police, lock the doors, be ready for anything to happen In a society that is information driven, requires 2 main competencies: Computer Competency - ability to use computers Information competency - ability to use information to make decisions Useful info DATA ≠ INFORMATION Data is just RAW facts or observations Information is data made useful Can data ever be information? Or Can information ever be data? Useful Information - Timely – available when needed - High quality – accurate reliable - Comp
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