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Lecture 4

Week 4

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Week 4 September3011 1233 PM Week 4 Three environments for managerial decision making and problem solving Certain environment Risk environment Uncertain EnvironmentyyyAlternative courses of action Decision maker views Decision maker doesnt and their outcomes are known alternatives and their know all alternatives andto decision makeroutcomes in terms of outcomes even as probabilitiesprobabilitiesRisky Decisions CEO of CocaCola he increased net worth by nearly 4000 Another company in which their CEO took risks was IntelThe CEO of CocaCola risksy New Cokeo thats the day the cocacola company took arguably the biggest risk in commonconsumer goods history Coca Cola WebsiteoScenario in 1985 Coke had been losing market share to pepsi for the last 15 yearsoConsumer preference for CocaCola was dipping as was consumer awarenessoBlind taste of nearly 200000 consumerso In summer of 1985roberto goizueta announced new cokewith a different formula after 99 yearsoMassive protestspeople bought thousands of dollars worth of old coke and stocked themo A person wrote to goizueta asking for his autograph because in years to come the signature of one of the dumbest executives in american business history would beworth a fortuneoDespite this coca cola became more aware because of the new announcementOther Risky Decisionsy SinglesGerber Foods y Premier Cigarette RJ Reynolds Global Dimensions of ManagementWhat is culture Culture is a set of assumptions and values that are shared by a group of people and that guide that group of peoples interactions with each other Lame Distefano and Maznevski 2008
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