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Week 9

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Week 9Strategic Management Continued November0411 1227 PM How is this matrix helpfulyGraphical display offers a powerful and compact picture of the strengths of different businessesyCapacity of each business to generate cashyGives a clear display of where you stand compared to your top competitorySuggests strategic directions Cash flow implicationsyStars o Modestorcash flowmoney can be used to run other SBU like question marksy Cash Cows o Largecash flowmoney can go to stars question marks and dogsyQuestion markso Largecash floweat up the most money yDogs o Modestorcash flow The ideal sequenceyQuestion marks want these to become starsyStarswhen the marketing becomes mature growth rate decreases you want stars to become cash cows to make money Catastrophic sequences Dont want this to happen but they can happenyStars
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