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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Jian Guan

Chapter 6 Planning Processes and Techniques GMS 200 Notes Planningthe process of setting objectives and determining how to accomplish them Objectivespecific results that one wishes to achieve Plana statement of intended means for accomplishing objectives The Planning Process 1 Define your objectives 2 Determine where you standcurrent position 3 Develop premises regarding future conditions anticipate the future 4 Analyze alternatives to make a plan 5 Implement plan and evaluate results Planning improves focus flexibility coordination control Complacency trapbeing carried along by the flow of events Canadian Elliot Jacques suggested that people vary in their capability to think with different time horizons He believed that most people work comfortably with only 3 month time spans a small group works well within a 1 year span and rarely do people work with a 20 year time frame in mindStrategic Planidentifies long term directions for the organization Visionclarifies the purpose of the organization and expresses what i
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