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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

GMS 200 35 Why global management In a recent survey of cEos of forbes 100 largest multinational firmsWhat percente belived that all business makors should take a course In gms 80What percentage felt that gradutaes experience in foreign languages international aspects intbusiness etc outside the home country is important in making hiring decision 70 Flat panels tvBegins as glass panel manufacturer in skorea tawian and japanThen sent to mexico along US bordermacquiladora for combining with other electrical components shipped from Asia and the USmacquildora is a free trade zone where u avoid the import and export duties with other tax advanatgesOther fta is in china known as Shunjun a company there pays no corpoartae tax for first 15 yearsAnother fta in dubai as Zubel AliThen finished Tvs shipped to retails outlets in Canada Boeing2 major compani
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