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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Tonya Davidson

Global Management Studies GMS 200: Introduction to Global Management Fall 2012 INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION Professor: Dr. Shavin Malhotra Class Room: MAIN-TRS-TRS 1147 Class Time: Tuesday 10:00 to 13:00 Office: TRS 1-090 Office Hours: Monday 14:30 to 16:00 E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 416- 979 5000 x 2445 COURSE INFORMATION Pre-requisites and/or Exclusions: None Posting of Grades and Feedback on Work: Grades on assignments and tests will be posted on the Blackboard site for the course. All assignments submitted for grading will be handed back within three weeks except for the final assignment which will be available for pick-up after official final grades are available. E-mail Communication: Students must use the e-mail address listed above to communicate with the instructor. Students are required to activate and maintain a Ryerson Matrix e-mail account. This shall be the official means by which you will receive university communications. Faculty will not respond to student enquiries from any other e-mail address. See Pol# 157 found at for further information on this issue. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course introduces the concepts and complexities of the contemporary global business environment with an emphasis on global competitiveness and the main functional areas of management: planning, organizing, controlling, and leadership. Topics include: origins of management, forms of business ownership, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, organization structure, strategy, and international management. A computer-assisted management simulation will be used. Lecture: 3 hrs. 1 COURSE OVERVIEW Learning Goals Learning Objectives Assurances of Learning Performance to be demonstrated in Assessment (s) that General Learning Goals specific terms correspond to the learning objective. Communications Expresses ideas Students will participate effectively Hand-in assessments effectively and accurately including the use in case discussions in class. Students of the range of media that are widely used in will submit appropriate written business environments. responses to questions related to management cases. Ethical understanding and reasoning Students will discuss the ethical Hand-in assessments Recognize and analyse ethical problems in dilemmas faced by specific Multiple choice test and order to choose and defend appropriate companies in class case discussions exam resolutions . Critical thinking Synthesize, analyse and Students will reflect on their Hand-in assignments interpret a range of information using assumptions and the evidence Glo-Bus Business Simulation qualitative and quantitative techniques for presented through class case Exercise the purposes of making sound business discussions and hand-in assignments. decisions. Group and individual dynamics Students will work in groups on the Demonstrate effective self-management and hand-in assignments and during in- Glo-Bus Business Simulation perform effectively within heterogeneous class application exercises. Exercise teams. Management Specific Goals Performance to be demonstrated in Assessment(s) that specific terms correspond to the learning objective Business functions Integrate all business Students will discuss and analyse Hand-in assignments functions, practices and related theories in case situations that demand order to address business problems and integrative thinking around advance strategic business decisions organizational knowledge, culture and change, international business, ethics and corporate social responsibility, and entrepreneurship. Role of IT in business Demonstrate the Students will discuss and analyse a Glo-Bus Business Simulation effective use of communications and case situation focused on information Exercise information technology (IT) for business management and technology. applications and decision-making related to the advancement of strategic business goals. Finance theories and analysis Apply basic Students will discuss and analyse Glo-Bus Business Simulation accounting and financial concepts and forms case situations focused on financial Exercise of analysis to interpret business situations concepts and ratio calculations and decisions. Program Learning Goals Performance to be demonstrated in Assessment(s) that specific terms correspond to the learning objective Management theory To develop an Students will use management theory Hand-in assignments understanding of the fundamentals of the to answer questions related to cases Multiple choice test and management process. To develop an and other applications. exam appreciation of the complex issues involved Glo-Bus Business Simulation in managing within a business environment. Exercise To examine prevailing management theories and practices. To expose the student to business case studies which show the need for innovative thinking in todays competitive global market. 2EVALUATION The grade for this course is composed of the mark received for each of the following components: Type of Assessment Group/Individual Percent/Weight Date **Mini-Assignment Hand-in #1 Individual 5 25/9 Multiple Choice Mid-Term Exam Individual 30 23/10 **Mini-Assignment Hand-in #2 Individual 5 6/11 Glo-Bus Simulation Report Group Ranking 10 27/11 Report 10 Final Examination Individual 40 TBA TOTAL
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