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Global Management Studies
GMS 401
Robert Meiklejohn

Chapter 9: Management of quality Introduction Quality: The ability of a good or service to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations Evolution of quality management Quality control: Monitoring, testing and correcting quality problems after they occur Quality assurance: Providing confidence that a products quality will be good by preventing defects before they occur Continuous improvement: Never-ending improvements to key processes as part of total quality management Six Sigma: Using statistical tools to prevent defects and continually improve quality Dimensions of quality The dimensions of quality of goods include: -Performance -Aesthetics -Special features -Reliability -Durability -perceived quality -service after sale -Latent The dimensions of service quality include: -Tangibles -Convenience -Reliability -Responsiveness -Time -Assurance -Courtesy Determinants of quality A products quality is determined during: 1. Product design 2. Process design 3. Production 1. Product design -decisions involving the characteristics and specifications of a product such as size, shape, material etc. 2. Process design -technical characteristics should be translated into process characteristics and specifications. 3. Production Conformance to design specifications during production: The degree to which produced goods or services conform to the specification of the designers Costs of quality -There are various costs associated with quality including: Failure costs: Caused by defective parts or products Internal failures: failures discovered during production External failures: Failures discovered after delivery to the customer Appraisal (Detection) costs: Costs of inspection and testing Prevention costs: Costs of preventing defects from occurring Quality gurus W. Edwards Deming -The cause of inefficiency and poor quality is the system, not the employees -Stressed the importance of decreasing variation in output -Believed workers want to create and learn, but management tends to do things that take away motivation -Managements greatest challenge in achieving quality was in motivating workers to contribute their collective efforts to achieve a common goal Joseph M. Juran -Believed 80% of quality defects are controllable -Quality management consisted of: Quality planning, quality control and quality improvement -Proposed ten steps for continuous improvement Armand Feigenbaum -Improvements to the process, led to improvements throughout -Quality at the source: Every employee is responsible for inspecting his or her own work Phillip B. Crosby -Stressed prevention -Zero defects: The philosophy that any level of defects is too high Key points: 1. Top management must demonstrate is commitment to quality and its willingness to give support to achieve good quality 2. Management must be persistent in efforts to achieve good quality 3. Management must spell out clearly what it wants in terms of quality and what workers must do to achieve that 4. Make it right the first time ISO 9001 -The international standard for a quality management system, critical to international business -Promote worldwide standards that will improve operating efficiency and productivity, and reduce costs -The review process involves considerable self-appraisal, resulting in problem identification and improvement. Registered companies face an ongoing series of audits, and they must be re-registered every three years -There are usually three types of documents, a quality manual, procedures manual and detailed work instructions and other supporting documents Hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) HACCP: A quality management system designed for food processors The following product and process background information is required: 1. Describe the product, source of raw material, product characteristics 2. Draw the process flow diagram and the number of steps of the process 3. Identify all
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